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”Testimonials are a great conversion element and on this homepage template, you can display one or several of them in this section. The testimonials can be about you, your site or the free product you’re offering on the page.”

Use the Testimonial Heading Wisely

“Each testimonial has a heading, which you can use to highlight the best part of the testimonial. This is great to get the attention of those readers who are simply skimming through your page.”

Jane Doe
Shane Melaugh

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“Three testimonials is a good number for this layout, but remember that you can easily delete or duplicate the testimonials to display as many or as few of them as you like.”

About the Author

Content Marketing Tips

Bruce Frazer has been a Marketer for over 40 years. It all started with delivering Newspapers while he was in Grade 6. In order to get more customers , Bruce created a hand written Flyer, Photocopied it and delivered that Flyer to people that bought the Competitors Paper.

That Flyer Listed the reasons why People should be reading his Paper...The results were a 36% INCREASE in Customers.

This is how Bruce realized the importance of Content in his Marketing efforts.